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Hudsonville, MI


Where are you located?

We are based in Hudsonville, Michigan and serve the communities around Hudsonville including Jenison, Jamestown, Zeeland, and Holland.
I work out of my home office. If you prefer to drop off your computer, please let us know so we can take it in and ensure it's safe. There's also a form or two that may need to be signed before we take a look or work on your computer.

Why choose us for your next desktop computer?

  • We offer free consultations to discuss your use case and parts
  • We build custom, reliable desktop computers built specifically for our customers' use cases
  • We do not sell parts, so there is nothing for us to gain from recommending parts
  • We offer top of the line support

Why choose us for your new website?

  • We put both your content and your users first. We design websites to ensure that content is displayed in the best spot for your users while maintaining easy usability by your users.
  • Your site will be as unique as you. Our websites are 100% custom coded from scratch.
  • All sites we create are built to be secure from the ground up.
  • We don't add what you don't need. It's simple. We don't add extra widgets if they aren't needed to put your content and users first.

Wondering about something else?

We would be more than happy to clear up your questions!

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